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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heaven Opened Up For Just A Moment

I know I am posting in reverse but I am finally getting caught up on my edits! This is the first birth I have photographed since I became a photographer but not the first birth I have been to. I also was there for the birth of this little guys big sister. There is no feeling or experience more powerful then being there the moment heaven opens up and a tiny spirit enters the world. So blessed to be so close to my sister in law that she would ask me to be there twice. Love you Sherilyn.

Just one little note, a lot of birth pictures I have seen have been converted to black and white. I see my world in color so that is how I like to post my pictures, even if the colors aren't perfect. That's just me.

I get emotional looking at these. My brother is one of the most amazing fathers I have ever seen.

The next morning I came back to take some more in the room.

They still didn't have a name picked out!

Kids aren't allowed in the hospital because of swine flu so I brought my niece and nephew to the hospital and my brother brought them to the window of the hospital room so they could see their baby brother.


Flash Jorgensen said...

Thanks for making me cry. These are perfect IN COLOR! I think sometimes it gets lost when the image is changed to b/w. I'm a color girl too! These are amazing and you captured the moment, experience beautifully! I want this again! There is just nothing like having a baby!!!

Val said...

What awesome pics! Your sister-in-law is so naturally beautiful. I am always envious of people who actually look like them after giving birth. I was so swollen you wouldn't even know it's me. What a beautiful family. Congrats to them. Your nephew is a doll:) What a cutie! I love all of that hair. He has more hair at birth, than my Logan has at 14 months.

Emilia Julia and Ryan Jensen said...

Yeah Suzanne, like the first one said I'll repeat: "Thanks for making me cry". These pictures are amazingly priceless!! Oh wow, and again, it made me feel I want a baby on my own. I love the colors on the pictures. It makes them look "it's real". Very good job Suzanne!!! You are great!!! Can you be there when I have my first baby too?? I think you relation with your sister-in-law is something to treasure forever. What a beautiful thing!!!!!!

Cedar Fort said...

You are such an amazing photographer. You really inspire me! I love all of your pictures and stare at your blog all day long. Good job, and keep going!

P.s. I love your new logo on your pictures!

Denise said...

Suzanne, these are stunning! I wish I knew you when I had my twins. I would have killed for pics like this. They are beautiful.

Carly Almost Richardson said...

I cannot express how beautiful those pictures are and how much they touched me. I am still crying. =)

Nat and Mat said...

I LOVE that they are in COLOR!!!!

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