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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sorry but I'm going to cancel my workshop. I didn't get enough people interested (only 2 to be exact!) so I'm just going to bag the whole thing, including the video. Maybe I'll try again next year :)


PandaMom said...

Come to TEXAS!!!! I am just drooling over your style! I'm still looking for my exact style and look forward to what's ahead in my photography, but girl, you have got it going on in my book! I really do dig you and your work! ; )

By the looks of your darlin' self, I'm older than you, but I want to be you as a photographer...when I grow up! LOL!!!

shandikimille said...
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shandikimille said...

I will save up and totally come with Brittany next year! looking forward to it! : )

Katie said...

If I had enough money, i'd come in a heart beat! :) But maybe next year.

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