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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6 Years Old

Yes, she turned 6 months ago and I just took these pictures last week! I am so busy with everyone else's memories that mine get put on the back burner :(

I am so glad I waited though since I found and put together this AMAZING outfit from Children's Place, the Harley boots on ebay, and just recently was able to get the vintage camera. Totally worth the wait.

Side note: Thanks B for helping me find the location, other photogs were not as nice to share so thank you.

I like to include one of their favorite things in the shoot - this year, it's her Jack Skellington from her favorite movie, "Nightmare Before Christmas". Yes, she is her mother's daughter!!

Thank you my sweet girl for 6 amazing years full of more drama than any little girl ever had in her little body :) You make me laugh, you make me cry, but most importantly, you make me love.


Cascio Photography said...

Now I KNOW why you said you loved them so much over the phone!!!!! OH MY GOSH SUZANNE!!!! your girls are so lucky to have a mega talented mom like you to create these amazing memories that they can have for a lifetime :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE them too!!!!

Jeremy said...

Love the entier set, but that black and white of her twirling her dress is my favorite!

Weston and Nicole said...

She is a little model, isn't she!! I still LOVE that old camera. Your shots are gorgeous

The Stevens said...

I love that your girl will pose for you! My 3 year old will, but my 5 year old wants nothing to do with the camera.
This whole set is awesome. I especially love the one of her in the jean jacket holding the camera in her hand and looking down at it, like she just got done with a long photo shoot.

andreaKphotography said...

LOOOOVE these Suzanne!! She looks so adorable, that outfit was put together so fabulous. Great location and beautiful light. She is so dang cute!

David Terry said...

10 rows up - the one on the right screams: DIVA!!!

Lookout Suzanne, you got your hands full. What an ADORABLE girl!

And what a lucky girl to have you photographing her as she's growing up. Beautiful work!

Kelli Nicole said...

These are GORGEOUS. LOVE the diptych near the top.

Jeremy Stowell said...

WOW. These are awesome.
My favorite is the 3rd from the bottom of her holding the camera in black and white.

Kelley said...

LOVE LOVE the outfit, it turned out so dang cute! And of course she is Adorable. Love the pictures as usual :) Glad you are still loving your blog.

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