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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lookie Loo Lightroom Editing Tips - Eyes

Here is the first of many Lookie Loo editing tips. A long time ago I did a post on how I edit eyes. Since then, my eye edits have dramatically changed and here is how I do it.


I created a brush in Lightroom I call "eyes".
Here are all the settings:

If I want to boost the color of the eyes more, I will change the "color" option to a light blue or green or yellow (for brown eyes). I then just take this brush and go over the colored part of the eye ONLY. I don't go over the white areas.
Then I'll take a brush with just clarity and go over the eyelashes and around the edges of the eyes. For men and boys this step can be too much so I usually just do it for women and girls.
If the whites of their eyes look yellow, I have a brush to desaturate and brightens a little and it usually fixes the yellow problem.
That's all I do.


PandaMom said...

You're a doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for more! Thanks!

PandaMom said...

Now for how you make the clothes, denim, barn siding, wood, etc. have such vibrant and sharp depth. Very striking!!! That's how I see your work: strikingly beautiful.

andreaKphotography said...

Our "eyes" brush is almost identical...that's funny!! Mine is pretty much the same but I do a little less clarity. Great minds think alike! ;)

Danette He said...

What a great tip. Thank you. I too love your photography and can't wait to see everything you post. Your girls are gorgeous. I also have two daughters that are great muses.

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