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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brannon & Dacie {Utah Engagement Photography}

When I met Dacie I asked her how she met her fiance' and she said she was at a gas station by her house with her friends getting gas. She looked over and there he was getting gas too. He asked her out on the spot.

Right now the trend in photography is to make a vintage theme of every shoot with lots of props. Another photographer would have taken the gas station story and gone to an old abandoned gas station, had them wear old fashioned clothes, and even got an old car to pose them by.

Don't get me wrong. I think these type of shoots are great and look amazing. I even have a few ideas of my own to try one day. Most of my clients don't fit this mold though and to be honest neither do I. I think there is nothing better than pictures of a couple in love interacting with each other, laughing together. You don't need chairs or props to capture how in love they are. In fact, they can sometimes distract from that very thing since you spend more time looking at all the cool nic-nacs in the photo. I know I'm probably in a small percentage of people that feel this way so please don't take offense if that is your thing. I totally respect and admire it.

Instead, I took Dacie and Brannon to the actual place where they met and took a few pictures before going to the photo shoot location. It was short, simple, fun, and the pictures are priceless to Dacie since it's the spot where her life changed forever.

Then it was off to Saltaire...


Tara said...

SOOOOO glad you are posting again!! And I am with you on the stylized shoots! I love them, but it's not really my style! But kudos to those who do it!
And I LOOOOOOOOVE these photos! How awesome that they tell the story of where they met! GREAT photos! You know how to rock it!

Cascio Photography said...

I love this session! so perfectly you and them!! I love that you took them to the place it all started and stay true to your style!! Don't fix what isn't broken!!! :) You continue to amazing every time!

Jeremy said...

Amazing set of photos. Love the wide variety of poses, scenes and expressions!

Val said...

love these pics, especially the last one. So pretty!

Audrey Litfin Photography said...

Beautiful work, I just LOVE that first shot!!

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