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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! {Ghost bride & Sally}

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I usually go all out and make costumes for the entire family. The last couple years have been so crazy busy that I've just done store bought ones so this year I had to at least make my girl's costumes! It was a little hard since I didn't have patterns but I'm happy with how they turned out.

Louisa told me she wanted to be a "bride girl" which was not Halloweenie enough for me so I convinced her to be a ghost bride. Here she is, my little ghost. I could not get her to smile for anything. She would not get out of character!

Abby wanted to be "Sally" from the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas" last year but I didn't have time to make it. It took me two days, but I did it and here she is...

Hope your Halloween was as perfect as our's here in Utah! It was the first time in years it was warm enough to go tick-or-treating without coats!


Jeremy said...

You are so amazingly creative, and not just with the photos. Those costumes are awesome. Your kids have to love it!

In other news, I'm feeling totally not creative lately. Gotta break the slump!

Jules said...

I feel like all I ever respond to on your picture posts is WOW. Because that's all I can think of when my jaw is dropped and I am looking at all you do... you amaze me yet again! WOW!!!

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