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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Livvy

As a photographer I've learned what my strengths and weaknesses are.  I've always struggled with newborns so I recently decided I would only do them for friends and family, in their home, with a natural, lifestyle look.  

This is Livvy.  I was best friends with her daddy's older sister growing up so I was thrilled when he contacted me to shoot his first born.  She was a dream to shoot.  Slept like a baby :)


Jamie said...

Just perfection!!! Loved every single one.

Jules said...

Wowowowwwwwwww... Loved them all! Beautiful. Amazing work. Thank u!

PiccaDilly said...

I think you better reconsider newborn photography! So so pretty!

kellyprivett said...

I am speechless!!!

Little Mae Photos said...

This is beautiful! The newborn pics you did for me are still my very favorite!! You are amazing at everything you do!

Nicole M said...

This are so tender and AMAZING. All of them. I sat and stared at each of them tonight in awe. For my 4th child I really want you to come take pictures just like this for me!! Btw it's not fair how beautiful that mom is after just having a baby haha. Darling family, they are lucky you captured these all.

Ps I miss you! Hope you are doing well.

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