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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Location Search with JarvieU

Scott Jarvie, one of my original teachers of photography, invited me to join him and his new students on a teaching/location search. I'm so glad he did. I had a blast and it was so good for me to help get past this rut I am in. Thanks Scott :)

Scott got in a couple with the model who is also a friend of his.

We also took pictures of a couple who are soon to be engaged and I will post those later.


Kira said...

Amazing! As usual! I can't wait for our engagement shoot :D

Heidi said...

Suzanne, I love your work. I can't believe you were in a "Rut". But I can totally believe Scott got in a few pictures, does he ever not?! Haha! LOVE everything you do, you are an amazing person! Great Job!

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