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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bui Brothers

While I was at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) I took a lighting workshop from the Bui Brothers. They were a lot of fun and I learned a lot of great tips for lighting. It has to be said that although I love what lighting can do to a picture, all my favs except for one was all natural lighting.

They went over how to take a perfect headshot. It made me feel good because it's something I figured out and taught myself months ago where you have the person below you and you are taking the picture from above.

These on the stairs were another natural lighting set-up they did. We were in a open breezeway with a huge opening to the left coming in and lighting the model and a little of the stair. I am loving the look of this!

Love both of these edits above so I put both!!

In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE to shoot through things.

This couple is really married. You can tell by the amazing chemistry they have together (not to mention how gorgeous they are together!)

The above shot was taken as they were posing for another photographer who had the lighting trigger on their camera. I wanted to practice getting a shot in not so good lighting and love how this one turned out. I had to crop it in close since there were people standing all around them.

The below one is one of my favs from the whole shoot.
I cropped it a little but left the people in the background because I thought it made the picture more of a real/candid moment and not posed.

Because of the poor lighting conditions, I really had to change up my edits since colors weren't the way I normally shoot them.

One of the photographers there had a her baby strapped to her most of the time. He was the best baby I've ever seen! He didn't fuss or cry once in the entire 4 hours we were shooting. Of course I had to get some of him!

He loved his reflection in the shiny floor!

These next couple were a set up they did with a flash directly on either side of her for a more dramatic look.

More natural light pics as others were using the flash set-up

Having people in the way was good because it forced me to take these at a completely different angle than I normally would have.

Last but not least, my favorite lighting set-up. It was done with one flash directly above the model. I shot this one at 24mm focal length, ISO 160, f/ 9, 1/250 sec. This is definitely a look I am going to do again!!

I took a picture with Lan and Vu Bui but it was taken by another photographer so I don't have it yet!


Malisa said...

Nice post. I love all the info. I agree about the last lighting pic. That's cool!

Ariel said...

I love all the pics...simply amazing as usual!

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