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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chelsea and Spencer Engagements

I love this couple! They are so fun and perfect together. We got along perfectly and they trusted me with every crazy idea I had! Too bad their clothes got stolen because of it. Wanna know the story, I'll tell you in a bit!

This first picture is the one they picked for their announcement.

These are the infamous jeans, you'll have to keep going to find out the story!

These next pictures are definitely out of my comfort zone. I wanted to play with low light situations, reflections, and edits for them. I like how they turned out. Definitely something I want to get more practice on.

As promised, here is the story! While shooting these shots below, we had their change of clothes on a sign post across the pond. While shooting, Spencer looked up and said, "Where are our clothes?" We walked over to where they were supposed to be and sure enough they were gone!

His expensive designer suit and her True Religion jeans, gone!!!

Spencer took off running and found the clothes stashed in some bushes but the jeans were still missing. We saw some teenage boys way off in the distance so he took off after them. After chasing them about a mile, he caught up to them and had to frisk them to find the jeans tucked into one of the boys pants.

Crazy huh? Needless to say the shoot got cut short so we met the next day to finish the shoot.

I have to admit, even if we hadn't recovered the clothing, this shot was soooooooooo worth it!!!

Wait 'til you see Chelsea's bridals. This girl cannot take a bad picture - I'll post those soon!


Sam and Tara said...

GORGEOUS! I love them. And you are right, that shot was TOTALLY worth it! LOVE it! And how fun that they have a story to go along with it. Awesome pictures. You are amazing, and they are gorgeous. You can't get a better combination :-)

David Terry said...

I think you've reached the status of "best photographer I know". Oh my gosh. These are perfect. From posing, to lighting, to capture of expressions, to presentation. The bar is so high now that nobody else can reach it.

A fan forever!

Chillygator said...

Again, gorgeous.

Can I just follow your around adoringly and hope that some of the awesomeness rubs off?

In other news, I REALLY love that girl's shoes.

Cascio Photography said...

I don't think this session could have gone any better... well maybe without the theft, but still!! THESE ARE AMAAAAZING!!!! You are sooooo GOOD!!!! Love them!!

Kira said...

Beautiful!! And I love the first edit on the low light shot!

Jess said...

Love the shoes and the ring in his back pocket. Great job!

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