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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Car Accident, Road Trip, Photo Shoot

This couple drove 6 hours from Wyoming to get their engagement pictures taken by me only to get in a car accident right as they were getting off the freeway where we were going to meet.

Needless to say I felt horrible for what happened to them and offered to drive up to Afton, Wyoming to do their pictures at a later date.

It was a long drive, but it was worth it to work with these two. I also had a good friend and fellow photographer, Kristy, come with me so I had company, a bag of mini eggs, and an amazing couple to photograph. Yes, it was a good day.

Now for Kira and Matthew...

These next pictures were taken at a little baseball field where they had their first date.

They also wanted to go to this cute bookstore in Afton.


Christina said...

Suzanne, these are gorgeous!!!! I love that you shot them in their hometown - so authentic. All the shots are to die for, but I LOVE those red bookcases :)

Hope all is well!

Meg'n memories said...

I am in love with these. I wish I could do my engagements over again... These are incredible. And...I want her yellow cardigan, give it. :)

Ariel said...

These are great pictures. I bet they mean so much more to them to have had them taken in places where they already had such great memories.

andreaKphotography said...

These are awesome!! I love that you took photos where they had their first date, that is priceless! I also love the red doors. The classic Suzanne laying in the lap is gorgeous as always. Beautiful photos miss!!

Deise Clements said...

Suzanne these look so great! It's also really cool to see these pics because I remember Kira asking about you after my wedding and wanting your contact information. I'm really glad she picked you! She will love her pics forever!!

Lia Lens Photography said...

Oh gosh you now I'm your fan fan fan Suzanne. I am in love with those pictures. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
I loved the ones at the bookstore. I always wanted tot ake pictures in a bookstore. And all of the other ones are absolutely so so goregeous I don't have anymore words to say about them. Fantastic job!!

crave photography said...

Wow, for venturing into unknown territory, girl you rocked it out!!!! These are really fun and such variety!!!

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