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Saturday, April 3, 2010

With Rapture - Brooke Kinsey Workshop

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend Blush Photography's posing workshop. It's one of the major elements of my photography I really struggle with and I wanted to learn from the best. Brooke has this natural ability to pose people and create an amazing picture. She's always been in my top 5 photographers that inspire me. Here is some of what we did. The majority of these are all second shooter position since there were 12 of us.

We started out in Salt Lake city

Here you can see Brooke posing Shikeyah just by moving her finger.

We even took some of each other

Then Brooke took us to one of her "secret locations" and we did photos with a married couple and a bride.

Yep, we shot until the cows came home.

Thanks Brooke for sharing with us your amazing talent. Now I just need to practice!


Cascio Photography said...

ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY PERFECT! You did awesome! I can't wait to see what "practice" from this looks like! :)

Jill said...

I LOVE THESE! Seriously, you are SO good. Beautiful job!

gina said...

would love to hear some of what you learned! please post some tidbits :)

Jeremy said...

Stunning photos, even in second shooter position. Great visual notes I'm sure to recall the various things taught.

You know, all through college I always found the best way to cement the things I learned (particularly in lab settings) was to turn around and teach others. The more I taught the concepts, the better I had explored them in my mind and they became second nature.

Yes, this is a not so subtle hint that you teaching some of us would be a great way to practice... :)

LookieLooSuz said...

Okay I am listening! Wait until I do my next engagement shoot this weekend and I will write some on what I learned!

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