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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birdie Bliss Bedroom

If you follow my 365 blog you know I spent the entire month of October redecorating my 2 daughters' shared bedroom. I sewed, painted, embroidered, shopped for each perfect detail, and took pictures of my girls to put in the room.

It all started with a canvas picture I bought at Swiss Days in Park City and just snowballed from there. Below some photos I will tell what I made myself and share links for where I bought things just in case you are curious. I am thrilled with the outcome, it's better than I imagined. Hope you love it too.

I named the theme of the room "Birdie Bliss" and here it is, finally finished...

I made ALL the bedding - the duvet covers (I pieced together all the fabric squares and strips and designed the overall pattern myself), designed and made the pillows, and the bed skirts.

I bought all the fabrics, ric rac, and large buttons from Pine Needles in Gardner Village and the line of fabric is called "Bliss" by Moda.

I bought the small buttons for the pillow on the right above from JoAnne fabrics.

I made the bed skirts and bought the bench at a garage sale for $5 and painted it teal.

Yes, I made these birds. Cute huh?

I didn't make these dolls (I'm not THAT talented!!) They are called Bla Bla dolls and I bought them online from The Land of Nod.

My biggest challenge for the room was what to do for headboards since the window took up most of the space on the wall. I started looking at daybeds but hated the look of them. Then, I found this gorgeous king size iron bed at an antique store. The head board and foot board were exactly the same so it was perfect to use one for each bed.

This is the picture that started it all. It's by the Winborg sisters and you have to see the rest of their work, it's amazing. You may have also seen this picture in Lily's room on the tv show "Modern Family".

This is the only pillow I didn't make. I got it at Pier One.

The dresser is Pottery Barn and the large metal flower on the wall is from Pier One.

More of the birds I made with a blanket I bought from Pier One to look like a nest and the crate is from a consignment store.

I found the cute clock letters at The Quilt Shop in Draper which I then added the little loops and connected them with some tulle. Then I hung it on the adorable door knob plates I bought at Pier One.

I painted this cute end table I found at a garage sale.

Just got this cute clock for $10 so it isn't in the rest of the pics. That little end table needed some height on it :)

I bought these picture frames and then added the strap and flower to one and the buttons to the other.

The family tree was embroidered by me and the cute metal hook thing is from Pier One.

If you want to see more details and pictures click here.

That's all folks!! Sorry for the long post but I put a lot of thought into the details so I wanted to show them in detail. Huge thanks to Steph and Sherilyn for your help and opinions!!


Sam and Tara said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I bow down to you amazing talent!! Can you please come do my house?! Or teach me to sew like that?! I am at awe at everything!! Seriously, you are SO BEYOND talented! The room is absolutely adorable, and I bet they are going to LOVE staying in there!!
WOW. just WOW.

Missy Lee said...

SERIOUSLY?! Is there anything you CAN'T do?? It turned out beautifully!! You must have spent a small fortune. I hope your girls keep it looking like this...and I hope they know what an AWESOME momma they have ;o)

Jules said...

I'm depressed.

Jules said...

No seriously... who does this? Who is that talented or creative? Kelly & Suzanne. You are really in a league of your own. I mean, the birds- come on! and the pillows? Really?!? The bedspreads are beautiful, the decor perfect... Pure talent! Is that the same pic we saw @ Shawna's in her daughter's room? I loved that picture! I'm embarrassed to send you pics of Hannah's room that I was actually proud of- until I saw this!

Hope they keep it clean! They better! Between their room and their wardrobe... there couldn't be two more darling and girly girls out there!

You rock Suz! Thanks for sharing, even though I'm going to go cry now. ha ha Love you!

hcrjfrandall said...

So adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Zinone said...

Oh Jules, she has me beat by miles!!! She made half her stuff!!!! SICK!!! Sue, it is amazing! Every detail! Unbelievable!!!! LOVE IT~

andreaKphotography said...

Oh is AMAZING!!! Seriously, it should be in magazines. I love every last detail and it is adorable. You should be so are so creative and talented. Love, love, love it!!! Perfection!

Denise said...

Seriously Suzanne, you have more talent in your left pinky than I have in my whole body! Their room is AMAZING! Down to every last detail...perfect!

Renée said...

WOW!!!That's all I gotta say.

Natallee said...

AMAZING!! You need to do a tutorial on some of those pillows!! They are AMAZING!! YOu are sooooo talented!!

Amanda said...

Oh my word Suzanne, you are incredible. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I have quite a soft spot for birds, and that room is birdie bliss indeed!

Les said...

I love it! You did such an awesome job on all the small details! Can you come decorate my bedroom? ;)

Angela said...

Seriously these are INCREDIBLE!!!! Amazing job on ALL of the details! It's seriously just PERFECT!!! I bet it did take you a lot of time! Thank you for sharing these! Too bad I don't have any girls, I'll have to come up with a themed little boys room. But I absolutely love looking at what you've come up with! Great job Suzanne!

Kim Barton said...

Adorable and amazing!!! This should definitely be in a magazine, like Better Homes & Gardens! You should submit the pics and story to them (I know you must have time, since you had time to do all this:) Love it!

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