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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Lu

This is my sweet Louisa.  She is a spunky, funny little girl with lots of attitude and a big heart to go with it.  She turned 5 in July and I haven't had time to edit or post pictures until now.  What's worse is my Abby turned 8 in March and I still haven't done those yet!  Oh well, at least they are taken.

Believe it or not I curled her hair for the shoot and they all just fell out.  Her hair won't hold curl anymore and it's frustrating.  It was way overcast and it started lighting and raining so it was a short shoot but at least I got a few shots I'm in love with.
Right about now the lighting started and her hair started rising from the electricity in the air.  You can see the fear in her face so you can imagine how fast we ran to the car!


Tara said...

GORGEOUS photos!! You have such an adorable little girl!! And scary about the lightning! But great shots!!

andreaKphotography said...

SOOO darling!! Love the spot, so unique. Lu is such a doll. Fabulous job once again miss!

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