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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

I haven't given a tip in a while so here is one for my new blog.

Every once in a while I capture a moment like this:

I love the little flower girl in this but there is so much going on around her the picture seems chaotic and loses the emotion of the girl. I tried getting closer to recreate the perfect shot, but the moment was gone and her expression was never the same.

Since the above picture was what I wanted, I played around with the cropping and edits and came up with these....

I love the soft, muted version above but I still wanted more drama so I added a texture and love the final effect. All the emotion I was hoping for when I took the picture.

I think it's important to capture the moment even if you can't get it perfect in camera. With a little editing, you can make the ordinary extraordinary.


Travis said...

Your so creative. I love her expression.

Sara said...

I love the soft version, without the texture. It's magnificent! I love your work. You inspire me:)

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