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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Best Part About Being Prego

My sister in law had a fun idea for these maternity pictures. She is so fun to shoot since she is definitely not camera shy!!

Cute idea huh?


Cascio Photography said...

OH MAN!! that's got to be the funniest prego shoot I have ever seen!!!!!! HOW FUN!! And I totally craved Reese's cereal when I pregnant with Avery!! And what women doesn't LOVE ice cream seriously! :) Love it!

travisJ said...

What a great idea. These are so fun.

Val said...

How fun is that! I really like it!

jarvie said...

So are you starting to get into stock stuff? The white background kinda goes along with that.
Fun times!

Flash Jorgensen said...

LOVE it! I think Jarvie is right, these are totally STOCK WORTHY! These crack me up!

kate moss said...

Ok- I wasn't going to do pregnancy shots, but these I think I could handle.

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