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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sonenberg Family

I shot this family on day that is was supposed to snow a lot. As you can see, it didn't! As soon as I finished shooting and started packing up my gear the snow started pouring down!

One of the sisters in the family emailed me before the shoot and asked if I would announce she was pregnant to the family. I said to the group, "Everyone say, 'Rebecca's pregnant!'" Then I just kept snapping away. What a fun way to announce a pregnancy!


Natallee said...


Mandi said...

These are beautiful!

Denise said...

Love these!

Flash Jorgensen said...

I never commented on these, but I meant to. I guess I just got up in showing them to Neils how great the CANDID, "She's pregnant..." pictures that I forgot to leave anything. I LOVE THESE, of course, they're candid and PERFECT! They tell a story. I'm so glad the snow held off for you cause really these are ones they'll never forget. Perfect!

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