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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Mini Shoots

This was my first year doing a mini shoot day and I have to say I LOVED it!! I will for sure be doing it again next year so be watching for it. I'm thinking of doing two, one in the summer, and one again the end of the fall. Here are some favs from the day.

I gave everyone their picture in this card too as a little bonus :)

Fun Fun! Let me know if you are interested in future ones and I will make sure I notify you when I do them.


andreaKphotography said...

Love the 3 little boys in the wondow!! Perfect framing and so cute!

Lisa said...

I agree...the boys in the window is fantastic!!

Val said...

I know the Tempest family. Eric and his brother have been friends for years. Love the pics. There boys are darling!

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