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Friday, December 3, 2010

Rob and Dawn Engagements

I'm constantly amazed at what a small world we really live in. This gorgeous lady grew up across the street from me in California. We used to play under the weeping willow tree in her front yard. It was one of my favorite places as a child since the branches dipped all the way to the ground and created the perfect secret hiding place. Now (thanks to Facebook) we are in touch again, we both live in Utah, and I am shooting her wedding! How cool is that?


Amy said...

I LOVE the SASSY one of them laying on the track!!! I want a picture of my husband and I like that! Beautiful job Suzanne!!!

andreaKphotography said...

On top of the fact that these are so gorgeous and I LOVE that location....the whole time I was looking at them I was thinking I wish it was still pretty like that outside. Booo to our freezing weather!!

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