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Monday, December 6, 2010


I was supposed to visit a friend who lives back east this fall to take her family pictures and the way things worked out I couldn't go.

She was here visiting this summer and I took some pictures of her with some other friends. I just got an email asking if I could find a picture of her that I had take that would work to add her to a picture she took herself of her family on Thanksgiving day.

You know me, I love a challenge so here is what I did:
I took her body from a picture I took this summer and her head from another picture and then put them in that perfect hole right between her two kids. I had to resize her body since she looked like a giant compared to everyone else and then I added a few leaves in front of her to make it look real. I got rid of the leaf covering her son's eye and then warmed up the picture and boosted the colors of the background to add my little touch. Here's the before and after. What do you think?

There you go, a Christmas card pic by me and I didn't even have to take it!!


Sam and Tara said...'re freakin' amazing!!! Holy cow! That looks perfect! GREAT job!!

Brynn said...

thats awesome!! seriously, no one would ever guess but its even cooler knowing that. good job! i can't wait to learn those tricks myself one day.

Robin said...

Wow, great job! Just goes to show you, photos can be anything these days. One shouldn't necessarily trust what one sees!

Tasha said...

WOW! I wish I had half your talent! Makes me even more excited for you to do our pictures next year:)

Ritchie's Beautiful Life said...

You are so amazing Suz! Love it!

andreaKphotography said...

Seriously??!!!? there anything you can't do? I want to print these 2 pictures and carry them around with me so I can show people and say "hey look at this!" "Suzanne did this, ummm she's my friend" "You're totally jealous aren't you" lol!
U R AWESOME miss!!

Spencer & Chelsea Madsen said...

Spencer and I are dumbfounded... :)

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