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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Announcing the Grand Opening and a Free Shoot!

I have been dragging my feet to get the last of the details done for my new studio so I decided to announce a grand opening for it so I would be forced to get it done!

The date, Friday April 8th

I will be doing mini shoots during the day and all of my past clients can come and get a free head shot! Email me to make an appointment, I'll be doing them between 12:30 and 2:30 (I'll open up more spots if I need to) and for the grand opening you get 3 edited pictures for $60!!

I am also giving away a full studio shoot. The contest starts today and ends on the 8th so you have plenty of time to get entered. How do you enter? It's super easy and just 3 little steps:

{1} Just go to my Facebook Fan Page (link) and click "Like".
{2}Then you go to your wall on Facebook and put something like, "I am so excited @LookieLooPhotography is giving away a free session for the grand opening of her new studio! You can enter too even though I know I'm going to win!" and make sure you post a link to this post or to my Facebook page so all your friends can check out the contest.
{3} Then come back and post something on my Lookie Loo Facebook wall so I know you are entered!
*Want extra chances to win, do a post on your blog and/or Twitter it too and you get you name added an extra time for the drawing! Just make sure you leave a comment with a link to your blog or Twitter so I know.*

Easy huh? If you aren't on Facebook, just do a post on your blog and then leave a comment here with a link to your blog so I can see your post.

Next Friday the 8th I will have my cute little girls draw a name from a hat and the winner gets a free studio session and disc with the images, no hidden costs! How fun is this! Just to give you a little teaser I took before and after pictures of my daughter who got her hair cut today. these were taken in my studio.

Minus 5 Inches Later!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cosette {Utah Infant Photography}

Absolutely in love with this little girl since the day I shot her newborn pictures. Wow how time has flown. I love her name. If I ever have another girl, I am using it.

These were done in my studio about a month ago before I had it totally done. I just finished it this week though and will post pictures soon of it. Yes, it's pretty awesome!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lookie Loo Lightroom Editing Tips - Eyes

Here is the first of many Lookie Loo editing tips. A long time ago I did a post on how I edit eyes. Since then, my eye edits have dramatically changed and here is how I do it.


I created a brush in Lightroom I call "eyes".
Here are all the settings:

If I want to boost the color of the eyes more, I will change the "color" option to a light blue or green or yellow (for brown eyes). I then just take this brush and go over the colored part of the eye ONLY. I don't go over the white areas.
Then I'll take a brush with just clarity and go over the eyelashes and around the edges of the eyes. For men and boys this step can be too much so I usually just do it for women and girls.
If the whites of their eyes look yellow, I have a brush to desaturate and brightens a little and it usually fixes the yellow problem.
That's all I do.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Utah Newborn Photography

For those of you wondering, I promise I have a post coming up of before and afters with some editing tips. I just haven't had any outdoor shoots lately to post! I'll be doing my daughter's 7 year pics soon so a post will be coming up I promise!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunset, Beaches, California = Heaven

Went to Cali for our annual Disneyland trip and this time I wanted to be sure to get pics of my kids playing on the beach. (Thanks Andrea for the inspiration!) Here are my favs. The first 5 are the group shots I'm trying to decide between. I want to blow up one in a huge canvas and can't decide from these 5. What do you think?





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