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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is my son Michael.  I can't believe he is already 16!  He's changed so much just over the last couple years and is really becoming a man.  I have to say I am a proud mama!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black & White Ball Themed Birthday Party

My Abby turned 8 last year and I tried to give her the huge birthday she deserved since in my religion 8 is when they are baptized.  However, I was 2 weeks away from giving birth and just couldn't pull it off so I told her I'd make it up to her this year.  The theme for the party was a "Black and White Ball".  

Here is the invitation I designed...

I turned my photography studio into the ballroom with the help of the 10'x10' Portofino Pavilion from Z Gallerie and a huge roll of black plastic table cloths.  There is no natural light in my studio so it was perfect for a fancy ball. Here it is...
The cake was made by my friend's neighbor.  She did an amazing job and it tasted just as amazing as it looked!
Nine butterflies, one for each year!
With the lights off...
   The girls entered through the streamers on the left.
The empty bowl was later filled with croissant sandwiches. 
Thank you bags to take home with homemade necklace, kisses, heart shaped candy cane, and bubbles.
Dance floor with disco ball

The party was a huge success and the reactions I saw from all the 16 little girls that came was exactly what I hoped for.  They partied for two hours and could have gone longer! 

Abby insisted on cutting her cake herself.  She said, "I want to serve all my guests." 
Happy birthday sweet girl.  You are so worth this and more.  Mama loves you!!!

List of where I bought everything.  Hope I don't miss anything!:
Z Gallerie - black/white striped pavilion
JoAnn Fabrics - lace, Abby's tiara, plastic tall wine glasses, beads for necklaces, heart shaped candy canes, thank you ties, glass apothecary jars for oreos, small polka dot cups, sticks and melting chocolate for marshmallows, fabric for Abby's gray sash.
Zurchers - rolls of plastic tablecloth, polka dot wrapping paper, napkins, plates, silverware, straws, vase for straws, flowers and balls hanging from ceiling, tissue paper for tall vases, balloons, streamers, plastic goodie bags, bubbles, black/white m&ms.
Amazon - faux diamond strands for table runner and to tie lace to for chairs and table
Etsy - chandelier, "happy birthday" sign
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