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Monday, July 28, 2014

Pink Jewelry Party

My daughter Louisa just turned 7 and it was her turn for a themed party.  When I asked her what kind of party she wanted, she said, "A pink jewelry party!" Her wish was my command.  Here is how it turned out.  I will try my best to give details on where I bought everything.

It all starts with the invitation right? For me, it always includes a photo so here is the shoot I came up with.  Super quick and easy!  Got all the beaded necklaces and gems off of Amazon and her dress is from Target.
This above one ended up being my choice for the invite and then I handmade these...
There they are, I absolutely LOVE them!!

Here is the party decorations.  I set up the party in my photography studio.
Circle fans, plates, utensils, and Happy Birthday flag banner from Zurchers.  It came with letter stickers that I just picked out what I wanted to say and stuck them.  Easiest banner I've ever made!!! Crown centerpiece from Hobby Lobby.
Place settings from Zurchers and pearl strands from the Dollar Store. Pink striped tablecloth is just fabric bought several years ago.
I took the label off of Arrowhead kid size water bottles and glued cardstock around it then added the pink jewel trim I got at Michael's crafts.
These are just plastic folding benches I bought at WalMart.  I bought a pink plastic table cloth roll at Zurchers and covered the bench with it then took the pink ribbon I also bought at Zurchers and hot glued it around the edges.

The gift corner...

The Goodie Bag table...
I bought these jewelry boxes from Michael's arts and crafts unfinished and spray painted them pink after removing the hardware.  I also bought the glitter letters from Michael's so each girl could have their first initial on their jewelry box. Inside I put pink and clear sticker jewels which they used to decorate their boxes.
Picture frames from Michael's arts and crafts.  I took a photo of each girl with my daughter as they arrived (with pink feather boas for fun!) and then printed them and put them in the frames before the girls went home.
Got these adorable bracelet sets from a company called Kristie Bear Collections. The girls loved making their own bracelets!

The food table...
Pink popcorn. Just popped some microwavable popcorn and used Wilton's Pink Color Mist spray all over it.
Pink rock candy, pink cotton candy and pink taffy from Zurchers
Pink carriage from Hobby Lobby with a bowl of pink sixlets inside.
Bought used jewelry boxes at a thrift store and painted them white for decorations.
Glued pink doilies from Michael's onto the paper fans.

The cake...
Bought a used jewelry armoire, painted it white, and added the crystal knobs.  I needed one in my room anyway since my baby loves getting into my jewelry and destroying it!

I had the cake made by my friend who always makes my kids' cakes.  They are beautiful and delicious! I ordered a big one so we would have enough for the family party the next day too.
I got the large paperweight pink diamond off of Amazon.
Even the inside of the cake was ombre!

Just had to have a pink carpet for the girls to walk in on!
(bought on Amazon)

Party Time!!!!!
Me and my birthday girl.  The best part was when she ran up to me, gave me the tightest hug, and said, "Mommy, this was the best party ever! Thank you!!!" Yep, that made it all worth it.
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