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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Business Partners

A friend of mine called and asked if I would take pictures of her husband and his partner for their new office they opened in Salt Lake. I'm always up for new things so of course I said yes!!

Business Partners

We took a lot with their spouses too since they are part of the company as well.

I'm always looking for the unique shot even if no one else likes it, I do!!

Of course we had some fun!!

This is my friend Allyson - thanks for such a fun idea for a shoot!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I got special permission from my dear friend to post this picture. She flew me out to California to take photos of her newborn baby girl. I wasn't going to post any since she is an actress and I value and respect her friendship and privacy above anything. When she saw this picture, she said I should post it because she loves it so much. This is the only one you will see but I think it's enough since it says it all in one photo.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Filthy Gorgeous

I am a huge fan of the show Project Runway. Since sewing is a hobby of mine I truly appreciate how difficult what those designers are asked to do in the time to do it. Season 5 had a local Utah boy on it so of course I was rooting for him! He had a great edgy style I really loved too. Personally, I think he got sent home too soon.

I went to a photography workshop last Saturday that was by Keith Bryce, a clothing designer and photographer. When I got there I recognized him from Project Runway and was so excited! He was totally cool and fun to hang out with and of course the amazing bridal outfits he designed did not disappoint. I admire him for making art out of clothing. Kind of what I like to do with my photography. Thank you Keith for an amazing shoot. Definitely a highlight of my career.

After the shoot we went to his boutique in Salt Lake called Filthy Gorgeous where we got a sneak peak of what he is designing for the next workshop in February which has a circus theme. I can't wait for it now, it's going to be amazing! If you are interested in going as well, let me know and I'll send you details.

Designer- Keith Bryce
Hair- Keith Bryce
Make-up- Cali Stott of By Beautiful You
Models- Crystal Coleman and Shikeyah Gordon

Now for the pictures...

Me and Keith. We're pretty tight now - LOL!!!

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