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Sunday, November 25, 2012


My Cozette will be 8 months in 3 days, yep, freaking out a bit.  I bought this Spirithood from my new fav online boutique called Koko Blush & Company.  Most amazing clothing and accessories I've ever seen!
Here is their website:
Here they are on Facebook (having killer sales right now!!):

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pazak Family

I have so many family sessions to post I could do one every day this month and still not post them all!  Here is one I love from my Cali sessions I did.  Meet the cute Pazak family :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Yes, I'm posting a lot of my own kids.  It's just that I have put off my own concept shoots for so long and am finally doing them.  Just wait until you see what I am doing for Christmas!!

I bought this outfit years ago thinking I'd do a shoot of Abby in it.  Well, it fits Louisa now.  We were going for a family drive on Sunday and I decided last minute to do this shoot.  By the time we got to the location I literally had 10 minutes of light and it was gone.  My images were so dark I had to get creative with my edits.

I used this quote as inspiration -

"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower."

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tale of The Pirate Sisters

I've been dreaming up this shoot for a year and a half now.  It started when I found this cool pirate ship and knew I had to do a concept shoot with it! Then I found these custom made costumes and necklaces, borrowed the chest from a client, and made the treasure map out of some grocery bags.  At first I was really frustrated with how the pictures turned out (even did a reshoot) and didn't know what I wanted to do with them.  Once I started editing, this story started forming in my mind and I knew I wanted to take these pictures and make them into a photo story book for my girls.  Here is the story and I'll post pictures of the book once it's printed.  My girls helped me with it and giggled and squealed the whole time they read it!

Let me tell you the tell you the tale of the most feared pirates on the sea.  Why were they feared you ask? Just look at their curls and sweet little smiles. No person alive was immune to their charms.

One look into their little eyes and they got anything they wanted - gold, jewels, candy, staying up an hour past bedtime.  Anything.

The sisters loved sailing the seas in their pirate ship named The Black Unicorn.

Abba was the oldest of the pirate sisters and the bravest too.  She searched the sea for dangers and always kept her sisters safe from sea monsters and the mean old sea hag.

The middle sister was Lulu.  She loved to lay on the deck and daydream. 

 She would write down her dreams and send them off in bottles for people to read.  This made Captain Abby very angry since she did all the work and Lulu played all day.


The youngest of the pirate sisters was Coco.  She loved everything and everyone and always had a smile for them.  She loved to feel the wind on her face and the rocking of the ship.

One day the sisters found a treasure map and decided to go find the buried treasure.  They loved jewels and heard this treasure had the more jewels than they could wear in a year!

Working together they found the buried treasure and it was just as amazing as they hoped for!

Abba and Lulu carried the treasure back to their ship, excited to play with all their new jewels but they secretly wanted the treasure to themselves and did not want to share.
As soon as they got back to the ship Lulu told Abba she could put all the jewels away by herself and she went back to laying around doing nothing.
Abba had had enough!!
 She tied up Lulu and was going to make her walk the plank!
Luckily Lulu was able to make Abba laugh and remind her how much they love each other. 
So Abba just locked Lu up in the ship's hold instead.
Abba decided to keep the treasure to herself and sailed off to enjoy her booty.
Little did Abba or Lulu realize but Coco was the smartest of them all and while her sisters were fighting, she took the treasure off the ship and decided to share it with everyone.

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