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Friday, October 23, 2009

Adetula Familly

Had a blast shooting this family and got some of my favorite family pictures ever.
Like this one...

Another new fav {above}.

Another fav {above}.

I wish I could take credit for this pose - little Olivia just would not sit with her family. The curb just looked more fun I guess!!

And another {above}!

I absolutely LOVE the above one and cropped it below.

Adorable family huh?


kristin said...

oh my goodness... those little girls are SO darn cute. and your photos are beautiful. :)

Leslie :~D said...

So adorable! Great pix!

Cascio Photography said...

Talk about PERSONALITY!!! Holy cow! those girls are so fun! These are amazing and so candid!! Love them all!!! :)

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