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Friday, October 16, 2009

First Snow

Shot these engagements a couple weeks ago after our first snow of the season. The poor couple was so cold! The bride wore flip flops and I'm still hoping she doesn't have frostbite!

Ring Shots


Cascio Photography said...

They look like such a sweet couple! Beautiful shots Suz! I love the kissing one in B&W, its so romantic! and the ring in the snow is awesome! :)

Andrea said...

Looks cold. I do not like the cold. I do not wan it to be winter. Okay...enough complaining. Love the pics, they look so happy and in love. The ring on the twig is perfect, love the texture!! My faves are the ones by the river with them sitting on the rock. shoes :)

Mila Julia n Ryan said...

I totally loved the pics. It doesn't look cold for me but just perfect. And just that love in the air makes everything perfect for a perfect photo shoot by a perfect photographer. You are awesome Suzanne!!!

Denise said...

Oooo - I LOVE that last ring shot! So awesome!

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