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Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am surrounded by babies! I have 2 more newborn shoots this week - it's makes the fact that I'm baby hungry so much harder! All I see are little feet, little hands, little faces - my heart is aching for one of my own, especially a little boy like this one.


Andrea said...

What a sweet boy. Love the tires! How dang cute are those hats?!! Darling Suzanne.

Flash Jorgensen said...

He's cute! I'm right there with you (but when is that ever a surprise) in wanting another little guy. I'm glad it's you that's having to photography these sweet little faces! I love these and all the color!!! I also love the little wrinkles in his feet. Man, how I need a new set of feet to squeeze (that only sounds good if you know I'm talking about a little newborn's set of feet). Okay, now I'm rambling... LOVE THEM!

Captured Photography said...

I love all the color! Great shoot!

Larissa said...

Porter is my sweet nephew. He makes me want another one too. But, that is never gonna happen so I'm just happy I get to hold him and squeeze those feet almost whenever I want to. He is so precious. I love the photos. You did an amazing job!

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