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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Those who know me best know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I had a few clients bring their kids' costumes to their shoots so we could take some pictures of them. Enjoy and hope you have a very scary Halloween!

Cowardly Lion

This kid really got into his costume and looked like he was roaring! ADORABLE!!

These two little guys are best buds.

Monkey Boy

Not even a year old and can already do pull ups!


Junk Yard Dog

Vampire - the before and after so you can see why I love editing so much!!!

This is what I started with and wanted to make her look like a real vampire.

This is what I came up with and I LOVE it!!

And here's the not as scary version for mom...


Travis said...

As always these are amazing. Great job on the scary version of the little Vampiress too.

kmcbeth said...

These are all so cool! I love what you did for the "Dog" in the junkyard, and the vampire. Cute ideas, keep it up!

Mila Julia n Ryan said...

Suzanne those are great. SO funny!!! I loved the monkey. That kids was totally in his costume : )

Andrea said...

How fun are these?! That junk yard dog is my favorite. What a fun idea. The transformation of the little vampire is so cool!! Great job. Happy Halloween!!!

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